I ask you to join in, please…

For a while now, I have been mooting the idea of setting up a Newsletter that could be used to send out occasional and important updates to you and others like you. After trying various options, I have finally set up what I hope is an optimum and non-intrusive way of reaching out only to those interested in keeping track of my activities.

The idea is to send out various useful information on topics of the human mind, body language and behaviour, persuasion and influence tactics, memory skills, and the like – which are the topics that I keep reading and learning about. These mailers would of course be occasional and quite rare, and at a maximum two or less over a month.

I am confident that these bits of information will hold your interest, and contribute in a good way to all that you do — at work and at home, to make your life that much better.

Please do take a moment to drop in at http://eepurl.com/eaTRP and sign up for the Beyond Magic newsletter.

Please do join in as there’s loads to share with you, and the first newsletter is almost round the corner.