I keep wondering…

What is the real issue?

That Coca Cola and Pepsico being MNCs are taking the people of India (a third world country) for a ride with pesticide content in their beverages…


That even the state-of-the-art water purification facilities of the two cola majors cannot negate the high-pesticide content that is present in our drinking water…

Are we barking up the wrong tree…
Or are our leaders making us bark up the wrong tree ?

Answers anybody?

Btw, the CSE report on the pesticide content in the colas is available at: http://www.cseindia.org


  1. Did you see this article: http://www.alternet.org/story.html?StoryID=16717 ?

    Alternet is often the only reason I hear about this kind of stuff.

    1. Nope… I had not… Not till now 😉

      Hey! Thanks for the link…

      I had missed that totally..

      Nice article… But like you said, it’s only AlterNet that talks about such things…

      Dominant Discourse Rules!


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