Is there more behind this tale… ? ;-)

[…] Soon a butt of jokes, Inzy’s self-esteem took a dent and his nickname became his bane. Now he preferred being called Rocky and when I called him Inzy he just about kept his displeasure under wraps. For all his sleek, mean look he appeared dissatisfied with life.

His father too was a worried man. Inzy, now Rocky, wasn’t eating well, at times not eating at all. His role models were the Baywatch stars peeping out from the walls, cupboard, closet and, of course, the television in his room. Each one having exactly six abdominal biscuits, identical waists and ditto chests. So similar were each they seemed out of a factory, except for the faces. Just like Lifebuoy plus differs from Lifebuoy.[…]

Hmm… Why do I feel that I know this person… Is there something more in this characterisation?