Kerry’s letter to Bush…

With “Super Tuesday” comes many allegations and counter allegations in the US Presidential campaign…

After what could easily be the worst press conference for the Bush administration, it was Bush’s turn to come out with a list of facts, that purportedly show Kerry’s lack of patriotism. Kerry’s actions (various votings at the Congress) are paramount to jeopardising US National Security alleged Bush’s spinmasters.

And Kerry the soldier reacted with a call to war :

February 21, 2004

President George W. Bush
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington DC 20500

Dear President Bush,

Over the last week, you and your campaign have initiated a widespread attack on my service in Vietnam, my decision to speak out to end that war, and my commitment to the defense of this nation. Just today, Saxby Chambliss– a man elected to the US Senate on the back of one of the most despicable campaigns ever conducted against Max Cleland, a true American Hero– was carrying this attack for you.

As you well know, Vietnam was a very difficult and painful period in our nation’s history, and the struggle for our veterans continues. So, it has been hard to believe that you would choose to re-open these wounds for your personal political gain. But, that is what you have chosen to do.

I am fighting to become the presidential nominee of the Democratic Party. […]


For full article, visit: John Kerry for President

All that having said, the billion dollar question remains to be: Will a change of President bring about a change in the US Foriegn Policy? Or is it only a change of one face for another… the deeds remaining the same… ?