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Nakul Shenoy is a rare blend of a Mentalist + Magician + Communication Scientist and leverages his unique background to deliver engaging, impactful keynotes on varied topics of corporate interest. Drawing on a strong academic grounding in communication theory, a decade-plus industry experience in design research and over two decades of global entertainment experience, Nakul crafts the talk that is just perfect for your specific need; and delivers it in the most memorable manner.


The globe-trotting Mentalist and sought-after design consultant, Nakul Shenoy leverages his unique background in Magic, Communication and User Experience to deliver an engaging, impactful talk to industry leaders.

Demonstrating traits that are the secret of successful magicians, he draws meaningful parallels to the challenges faced by managers. His motivational message ‘Managers Are Real-Life Magicians’ finds a strong connect with the audience and leaves them eager to achieve so much more.

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Every product and service vies to provide its users the amazing experience of magic; and nobody understands this need better than Nakul Shenoy who has spent the last two decades honing his skills in Magic and User Experience.

Drawing on the groundbreaking innovations that are changing our world for the better, Nakul shares actionable insights to making magic for your customers. This unique talk is a perfect blend of motivation and mind reading demonstrations, and helps instil a creative mindset among the participants.


It takes only four seconds for the human mind to make its first impression: a non-conscious, stereotyped, mostly permanent categorisation of everything! Yet, we have a need to make the best impression on others and a correct one of others.

Nakul Shenoy leverages his seasoned expertise in dealing with people – in the usability lab, on the mind-reading stage and life in general – to share little-known nuances of people behaviour, to help build and engineer favourable impressions on those around us. This is truly a master-class in reading people and influencing minds.

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