LEARN MAGIC — The Two-Day Workshop in Magic Appreciation

BANGALORE: Are you one of those who has been fascinated by magic? Have you ever toyed with the idea of being a magician? Have you ever tried learning magic tricks ? Have you ever felt the need to have a hobby that could entertain your close ones?

If you answered YES to any of the above, then The Magic Space in Bangalore has the perfect answer for you!

A unique two-day workshop in magic appreciation called LEARN MAGIC is being hosted by The Magic Space at its premise in Girinagar 50 Feet Road on February 14-15.

Magic has been known to entertain all ages. It has been known to be used by doctors, lawyers, engineers, and other professionals as a hobby both for their own enjoyment and also to entertain those around them.

This unique 2-day workshop in magic appreciation has been put together specially with the working professional in mind. The workshop will provide the attendees with the know-how, training, and the essential tools to further their interest in the art of magic.

Restricted to 20 participants, the workshop will apprise the participants with with the basic history and theory of magic, and familiarise them with the various genres of magic. Over a highly-packed two day session, accomplished and well-known magicians would enable and equip the participants to perform magic and entertain their friends and acquaintances.

This basic course will provide the fundamentals of magical entertainment, and pave the perfect path for the participants to take up a more active interest in the art of magic. Along with sharing the theory and workings of the magical craft, this workshop also aims at improving one’s presentation and public-speaking skills, which are so integral to the art of magical entertainment.

To know more details about LEARN MAGIC — The Two-Day Workshop in Magic Appreciation, visit www.themagicspace.net or emailworkshops [at] themagicspace.net or call +91 9900 970 099.