Life before Computers. And HOW it has changed!

Received the following from my friend Solyl Kundu today as a forwarded email:

Life before Computers
* A hard drive: was getting to a gas station, with two flat tires.
* A Backup was: a .38 Snub nose, in an ankle Holster.
* A Prompt: helped actors remember their lines.
* Memory: was something you lost with age.
* Windows: were things you looked OUT of.
* A mouse pad: Was where a mouse lived.
* Worms: were things you caught fish with
* An application: was for employment.
* A monitor: watched school hallways.
* A provider was called a “Husband.”
* A Gig: was what entertainers did.
* RAM: was what kept ewes happy.
* A CD: was a bank account.
* A program: was a TV show.
* A web: was a spider’s home.
* A Keyboard: was a piano.
* A curser: used profanity.
* A Virus: was the Flu.
* If you had a 3-1/2 inch Floppy: You just hoped no one found out.

Well, in trying to find the source of this, I came across an interesting poem posted at The Cosmopolitan University Network.

This may be where it all began… So read it now!