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LJ Interests meme results

  1. calvin & hobbes: the inimitable philosophy, which is the need of the hour
  2. cultural studies: a theory that studies practise
  3. free speech: a’int that the reason we are all here?
  4. indian culture: something worthy of being proud of…
  5. jurgen habermas: the name of my blog itself signifies the habermas influence
  6. mass communication: just another word for life… the one we all lead
  7. nondominant paradigm: is increasingly being confused with the dominant view
  8. public sphere: the social space where thoughts are being exchanged
  9. society: belonging to which makes us a man/woman
  10. war: makes civilizations, and their history

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  1. I should be getting the Oxford Very Short Introduction to Habermas from Barnes & Noble any day, so I hope to move up to a superficial understanding of him (and perhaps beyond).

    1. I think I had seen that book in one of the stores here… but then I may be mistaken. Do let me know your thoughts when you get the book.

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