Time flies. Whoever coined this phrase knew exactly what they were talking about. Here we are — on yet another 31st December, realising that one more year just flew by — bidding adieu to the year that was and preparing to welcome the year that will be.

A perfect time as any will ever be to look back at 2011 — to look at its brightest moments and take lessons from its dimmest, to give a thought to the saddest, relive the happiest and smile at the most memorable.

There are many schools of thought that speak of not looking back at the past, and only to look in the present and to the future. While they are grounded in their own realities, taking a moment to do a informal SWOT of how the year that passeth has been, is a wonderful way to look ahead for new answers and solutions — to prepare best to optimise the new year that comes.

In a small effort to nudge you to carry out this exercise for your own benefit, I offer an incentive in the form of a contest: Visit Yet Another New Year Contest for more details on how you can win the acclaimed “Thinking Kit” for yourself. Hurry! The contest ends on 7th January.

Here’s wishing you a great 2012.

Note: This write-up appeared in The Nakul Shenoy Newsletter #4.