Looking Beyond Blindfolds

We seldom choose to see the reality

A lot of our friends are falling prey to a well-planned scam, and we have to do what we can to stop this. The mid-brain / third-eye activation programme is taking the country by storm, and young children are being shown to be able to identify colours & objects, read, drive, draw, et al., while being blindfolded!

Having met a lot of parents personally – and also examined the kids who have had their mid-brains / third-eyes “activated”, I can assure you that this is pseudo-scientific bauble and a scam.

In simple, the kids are being trained/coerced to peek through the blindfolds – from the gap between the blindfold and the bridge of the nose, and lie to everybody including their parents & close friends. While the children seem to bask in the temporary glory that this gives them as wonder-workers, in the long run this is playing havoc with their minds as they knowingly cheat everybody around them.

In Opening Eyes. Looking Beyond Blindfolds, I have posted a couple of anecdotes – which would be funny if they were not so unfortunate – and a simple test for you to run on your kids or others that may have undergone the mid-brain activation training.

Christopher Chabris & Daniel Simons in their pathbreaking book Invisible Gorilla espoused on the various ways our intuition deceives us. Even as they rewrote most everything we held to be true about perception and memory, C&S threw light on how we see and remember things the way we wish to, and not how it actually transpires.

In effect, we choose to be blind to reality and truth, and instead live in our chosen realm of the make-believe – one that fits our ideologies, our beliefs, and our comfort zones. And this is indeed the only explanation I find to parents across India (and abroad!) shelling out large sums of money to put their children through a programme that is at best a scam and at worst a criminal racket.

Even as prudent questions are raised and proof provided that the kids may have been ‘encouraged’ to peek through the blindfolds, many of the parents choose to blindfold themselves to the reality. The large amounts of money they have shelled out for these dubious workshops, make them hard-core believers in the waylaid claims!

Come, help our kids be the wonderful children that they are and help them free themselves from this scam that they are getting sucked into. If looking through blindfolds is what you want them to do, enrol them in a ‘Learn Magic’ programme, and not a scam like mid-brain activation. At the least, they will learn to entertain!