Sharing my thoughts on Mentalism and Magic at the 40th Perfect Performer Course of the Magic Academy was good fun, and I once again thank the magician attendees for the enthusiastic participation.

Sticking with the topic of Magic on the Net, today I write about the largest magic community in cyberspace – The Magic Café. Set up by Steve Brooks in 2001, has almost 30,000 registered members, who have posted over 17.65 lakh messages!

Arguably the most popular place on the internet to discuss magic, The Magic Café has been liked, disliked, loved, praised, and hated at varying times by magicians the world over. Then again, the Café remains the one place to go for anybody even remotely interested in the art of magic, and keen to collaborate with magicians across the world.

The Café is nicely structured not only in terms of the varying levels of a performer, and the distinct genres of magic per se, but also in terms of the prominent magic societies of the world.

And as you browse over to the Café make sure you read the welcome note by Steve, and more importantly – familiarize yourselves with the Café’s Rules and Etiquettes to enjoy your stay at the Café!

So what are you waiting for? Click over now to make new friends, and learn new wares.

PS: This article originally appeared in the January 2007 issue of VMN.