Magic in the Blogosphere

I welcome the Magic Academy’s foray onto the blogosphere with, and this gave me the idea to write about magician bloggers.

But I was in for a shock! Most of my favourite blogs have either disappeared, or have not been updated in some time, like my (which has warranted an update in a long time). Most missed among these is John W LeBlanc’s Blog (Update on 30/1/2007: John is back! Do drop in to his blog!)

Let me share a couple of thoughts on two notable blogs, and express the hope that all my blogger friends find the time and more thoughts to share. – David Britland, the accomplished author of many magical tomes maintains this blog. These “Random Thoughts of a Magical Nature” are truly a treat for all serious performers, because David shares the real secrets behind a good performance. And sometimes, in a generous mood, he shares some magic effects too! – Walt Anthony’ blog for the “Thinking Magicians,” truly lives up to its name. Walt defines a ‘Thinking Magician’ as one who “rejects the limits & clichés of today’s trite & stale ideas of what a “magician” is or how “magic” is performed”.

Blogs to keep an eye include:,,,, and loads more!


PS: This article originally appeared in the November 2006 issue of VMN.