Magic Space teaches you magic in two days

Press Release

Magic Space launches 2-day Course in Magic

July 31, 2010: The Magic Space is proud to announce our latest offering – on much public demand – the Two-Day Course in Magic for Beginners.

You already know to tear paper, cut ropes and break matchsticks. Now learn magic and be able to restore them!

In this unique 2-day Beginner’s Magic Course, you will learn more than 30 magical effects to amaze your family, friends, and others.

Knots can be made to appear or disappear, and blank paper could be converted to money, all with a magical snap of your fingers!

Learn to make solid objects penetrate each other, choose to transform one object into another, or simply amaze friends by making coins and cards invisibly travel from one place to another.

If all this was not enough, be able to predict others choices and secretly held thoughts.

This 2-day Course in Magic for Beginners will be conducted by renowned magical entertainers Prahlad Acharya & Nakul Shenoy at The Magic Space, Girinagar, Bangalore.