Make Time & Join TEDx Shekhavathi

I have had the good fortune to present five TEDx talks across the country, but none connected and inspired the way TEDx Shekhavathi did.


On stage with two local students
On stage with two local students at TEDx Shekhavathi

Each of my TEDx talks remain special to me as the youth connected with the content and accepted the inspiration I was trying to impart, but connecting with the 5000-strong audience formed by the villagers and children of Shekhavathi is an experience hard to match.

Attending a TEDx never fails to inspire me, owing to the unparalled humility and richness each speaker brings to the stage, and TEDx Shekhavathi only took that to an unparalleled level with its rich hue of speakers including Col. Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore, Avika Gor, Osama Manzar, and Nusrat Naqvi. The noble vision that drives Masarat Daud and her team is humbling to say the least.

With Col. Rajyavardhan Rathore and Osama Manzar
With Col. Rajyavardhan Rathore and Osama Manzar at TEDxShekhavathi

This wonderful and honest attempt by Masarat & team to give back a little something to their home-region and local society touched the founders of TED, as TEDx Shekhavati is one of a few TEDx events worldover that is honoured certificates of appreciation by Chris Anderson – the curator of TED.

It was only apt that TEDx Shekhavathi set a world record for being the largest TEDx conference in the world — thanks to its 5000+ curious and highly energetic villager attendees, most of whom had travelled miles in the hope to learn something new.

While I remain keen to take any and all opportunities to connect with the youth of the country through various TEDx events and share my inspirations within the purview of the TED guidelines, I look forward to my next chance to share thoughts with the villagers of Shekhavathi.

Yes! I can’t wait to attend the next TEDx Shekhavathi (in 2012). You should too. And support it in every way you can. It is an experience of a lifetime.

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