Making Your Magic ‘REAL’

An article contribution was asked of me for an upcoming magicians conference in Bangalore. Here’s what I sent across…

Looking forward to hear your thoughts.

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Making Your Magic “Real”

A journalist recently asked me the age-old question: “What is Magic?” Without batting an eyelid, I replied: “Something that creates wonder!” And thoughts raced through my mind… Thoughts I had not listened to before!

When you witness a Hariprasad Chaurasia or a Zakir Hussain perform, you are so wonderfully impressed, and can only say, “It was magical”! The maestros create magic with their music. They create a wonderful and mystifying feeling that touches one and all, and leave us in a state of enchantment, of magic.

And then there is this field we are associated with – called Magic. Most of us perform magic, only because that is the name: like music. But as the maestros take Music to the level of Magic, shouldn’t we who call our craft by that name, try to make our performances wonderful, mystifying and of course enchanting; in another word, Magical?

Should we not aspire to take our craft and its performance to the levels of Magic? Should we not be looking at creating a magical moment for our audience each time we are performing something? Should we not be touching our audiences’ lives and minds in a way, that they remember being entertained by us for the rest of their lives?

Take a moment to ask yourself: What does the word ‘magic’ mean to you? Does it connote tricks, or does it communicate powers over nature?

Now think back to your first experience of magic: Do you remember being fooled, cheated, or taken for a ride? Or does that thought hold ingredients of a paranormal activity?

Why did you want to be a magician? Was it to learn for yourself those mysterious powers with which you could appear or vanish any object you desired? Was it to master the powers required to be able to levitate or fly? Did you want to be able to do all that Mandrake the Magician was able to?

Then how is it that you are now content with being called a trickster, a jester, or at best a sleight of hand artiste? How is it that you are telling all that will lend an ear that all you do are tricks? Nothing more.

Don’t you want your audience to experience the power of magic, rather than present them with puzzles to solve? You have the power in you to do magic. To create Real Magic. Use the power (of presentation) and be a real magician in the eyes of your audience.

For starters, Believe in Magic. And that will make all the difference.

It is like the make-believe world of fiction or film. We all know that the actor really did not die; that it was all part of an elaborate theatre on camera we call cinema. But to really enjoy the film, we need to live its emotions.

Imagine this: If a person slips on a peel of banana, or plays the part of a joker on screen, it serves no purpose to say, “it is all rehearsed”. It does however make perfect sense to forget the play-acting, and instead live the reel-world as the real one.

Similarly, we need people to believe in magic, and only then will they really enjoy the performances. It is no use presenting them with tricks and puzzles questioning their intellect. As my friend Pradip Amladi puts it, we need them to willingly immerse themselves in a world of make-believe… what I would call an alter-position of reality.

Think about it. We all know Harry Potter is a fictional character. That Mandrake exists only in a comic strip. But the magic they weave is possible ONLY because we let them.

Would you NOT love to be a REAL Magician?