Mind Mapping with Tony Buzan

I have been fortunate to entertain a wide array of influential people and celebrities over these few years, but nothing prepared me for the wonderful experience of meeting the irrepressible Tony Buzan – the creator of Mind Maps, and counted as one of the top-5 speakers in the world.

Author of 100 books, Tony Buzan is best known for his contributions to Mind Mapping and Memory techniques, both of which are excellent tools in our academic and corporate lives.

Entertaining Tony and the MTHR Global audience in Bangalore and Mumbai with a specially-designed  memory act inspired by maestro was a distinct high, but learning the nuances of Mind Mapping from the master himself, by far took the cake.

Nakul Shenoy with Tony Buzan
Photo: Nakul Shenoy with Tony Buzan, the creator of Mind Maps

One of my pet takeaways from attending the seminar with Tony is that using different colours in a Mind Map makes it that much more interesting and fun. Any additional elements of design – be it icons, doodles, drawings, added to the Mind Map makes the thinking process so much creative.

The next time you are taking notes, especially in a brainstorming session – use a Mind Map, and experience the differerence. Just start with the basic thought in the center, and draw out the emerging ideas as branches, and so on. For a basic idea on how it works, see How to Make a Mind Map.