Learn to Think differently… by knowing how you think!


Would you like to…

  • Understand how your mind works?
  • Learn to think differently?
  • Be able to think out-of-the-box?

The Thinking Kit is your answer!


Price: Rs 500 only.

A Nakul Shenoy Presentation.
Manufactured & Marketed by:
The Magic Space, Bangalore

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The Thinking Kit

  • A set of six magical puzzles that present little known insights into the human mind.
  • Understanding the way you think, prepares you to be innovative, and equips you to be creative.

Nakul Shenoy shares some delightful insights into the human mind through The Thinking Kit; lessons that go a long way in explaining little known facts about the way the human mind works through six practical exercises.

It is Nakul’s belief that one can change the way he or she thinks, by understanding how their mind functions, and thus be able to think out of ordinary.

Prepare yourself to start off on a fascinating journey of your mind!



“I love your Thinking Kit!!!”
– Ankur Gupta

“The Thinking Kit is well constructed… shows a lot of thought has gone into it. It helps you to think laterally; prevents you from jumping to pre-thought-solutions for problem solving. We at U21Global are proud to have been associated with sponsoring the Thinking Kit. In a manner, it is representative of our Learning Style, which is constructivist and helps you reflect on business issues (rather than the conventional style of memorizing content and reproducing same for examinations).”
– Bhaskar Ranjan Das, Director – U21Global

“I spent a couple of hours on Sunday with the Kit. Its great fun and really challenging, not to mention how impatient it makes you to want to turn the page and look for the answers. You have put together a delight.”
– Parvez D

“The thinking kit is indeed amazing as it helps you think over an over again beyond the limits. The puzzles were indeed to amazing and let me tell you this as well that if this kit is launched into the market it can definitely create wonders in the life of people and make them think beyond their capabilities.”
– Tanay Desai, Research Executive, Vn Consulting Services

“The thinking kit is a revised version of what we gave our children when they were young and growing, but you have packed several of them in one beautiful black box. Very appealing!”
– Celine D’souza

“The Thinking Kit is great, it not only expects you to solve the puzzles but also encourages you to remember how you did it earlier and repeat in the similar manner everytime. I shared the kit with colleagues who learnt the power of atleast remembering to solve the puzzles over & over again. For me personally, I would like to take on more difficult challenges, if you have any email based puzzles, please share.”
– Amit Pradhan, Manager – Learning & Development, B|Braun Medical (India) Pvt. Ltd.

“Now that I have taken the Thinking Kit exercises I really felt it the puzzles made me pause and realize and understand how am I thinking. While solving the puzzles I went through a series of emotions,from feeling challenged and determined to feeling frustrated and disapointed with myself. At times it also made me look like a fool 🙂 because the solutions were quite simple and I applied my whole engineering in order to solve it but in vain! but the learning was great. It was really interesting to know how any one’s mind works.”
– Nitika Uniyal

“While all the gizmos in The Thinking Kit I was familiar with (I like to solve puzzles, a hobby of mine), the book that came was interesting. Gives one a change to think why you think in one way one and why your mind does not look beyond. Very interesting.”
– N K Ramesh, Blue Star Limited, Mumbai


Price: Rs 500 only.

A Nakul Shenoy Presentation.
Manufactured & Marketed by:
The Magic Space, Bangalore

Out of Stock!


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