Mother of all road jams!
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As if the Whitefield-Marathahalli stretch (Airport Road, if you insist!) was not congested enough. The road has been dug up thoroughly on one side (see picture), murdering any possibility of smooth vehicular movement.

The result: After 65 minutes of travel, we reach the infamous Marathahalli bridge! And to think the workplace is barely 2.5 kilometers behind!!

Is there any glimmer of hope in all this infrastructural darkness?


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  1. Backdated entry ! ?

    NOTE: This was attempted to be posted through the Mobile Post feature at 7:20 PM on February 09, 2006.

    Only to encounter the ominous error message — “Client error: This journal is temporarily in read-only mode. Try again in a couple minutes.”

    Have posted a query to LJ Support today [553059] regarding this repeated problem… In the last 7 attempts of making a mobile posting since November, I have been able to post only once!

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