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Microsoft Tricks Hacker Into Jail

Nobody was ever arrested for leaking the secret source code for parts of the Windows operating system in 2004, but a hacker who sold a copy online afterward was sentenced to two years in federal prison Friday.

William “IllWill” Genovese, 29, will serve three years of supervised release following his prison term, during which he’ll be subject to electronic monitoring through special software installed on his computer, under the terms handed down by federal Judge William Pauley in New York. He remains free on bail, and is scheduled to report to prison March 14. […]

Is a new paradigm in Internet piracy and thefts finally here?



  1. Hi Nakul,

    Remember this is the country which has in the Times of India poll voted in overwheming numbers for the Gomestawara Bahubali statue in Shravanabelagola as the first amongst India’s 7 wonders. This despite the fact that Jainism is a minority religion. The ideas of non-violence, mutual tolerance, universal brotherhood ARE part of our cultural legacy. That some fuck-wits chose to ignore this legacy is very much their loss.

  2. Faith in peace?

    Dear Nakul

    If you read Bijoy’s post carefully, you will realise he is not at all questioning anyone’s faith. In fact, that is exactly his point! That it is a matter of faith. The bridge will hold meanings to people according to their faith.

    There are many versions of the Ramayana, as we all know. So, someone, somewhere was questioning Valmiki too, and decided to write his own.

    Bashing the ‘saffron brigade’ is necessary for someone like me who wants to practice (or choose not to practice) my faith in peace and with Truth on my side. The ‘saffron brigade’ has redefined the notions of public protest over the years and they think anything goes. And they are doing it in the name of you and me. I have to protest, because I don’t subscribe to their myopic definition of Hindu-ism, Indian culture, or Indian faith.

    Go around and ask the ‘saffron brigade’ how much they have read of the Hindu texts? Besides watching Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayana and BR Chopra’s Mahabharata, how much of it have they actually studied?

    Is Hinduism only mythology? And why should one not question the importance that we want to attach to mythology, so much so that we take leave of our senses altogether and forget the lessons we could have learnt from there?

    ‘Stooped to questioning?’ It is the spirit questioning and not blind faith which leads to knowledge. If we admire the products of Western societies, which we are gratefully lapping up in our day-to-day lives now, thanks to liberalisation and a global economy, let us not forget that it was the spirit of questioning that led to innovation. Even here in India, if someone had not stood up and questioned people’s faith in the sati system, we would not have even the change we have today. Girls would still be cooking and cleaning at home if we left things to the faith of the ‘saffron brigade’.

    By saying this, I don’t mean that one should hurt someone else’s faith. But questioning what I am a part of is something that is my right. And if your faith is so strong, why do you find it disturbing?

    Hindu-ism is nobody’s private jaagir. I don’t claim it to be mine.


  3. Re: National Anthem….

    Thanks Slania for this comment. I seem to have missed it till today, when I revisited this page, due to receiving yet another forwarded email 😉


  4. totally agree with this live coverage thingy. as i sat watching various news channels, i really wanted to get all cameras and media out of the area. i also felt that their coverage of where exactly the troops are taking position, how many more army men are coming in…can easily be misused. besides, as a citizen like me watching, it doesnt matter, i would not miss too much if i didnt know these details. i really wanted a “snap”! all video coverage gone!!! to happen.
    i know there is right to information and all that but not at the cost of indirectly providing information to anti social elements they can use to their benefit – that too so easily.

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