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Report from Fallujah — Destroying a Town in Order to Save It

By Rahul Mahajan

Fallujah, Iraq — Fallujah is a bit like southern California. On the edge of Iraq’s western desert, it is extremely arid but has been rendered into an agricultural area by extensive irrigation. Surrounded by dirt-poor villages, Fallujah is perhaps marginally better off. Much of the population is farmers. The town itself has wide streets and squat, sand-colored buildings.

We were in Fallujah during the “ceasefire.” This is what we saw and heard.

When the assault on Fallujah started, the power plant was bombed. […]

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Americans Slaughtering Civilians in Falluja

By Dahr Jamail

I knew there was very little media coverage in Falluja, and the entire city had been sealed and was suffering from collective punishment in the form of no water or electricity for several days now. With only two journalists there that I’d read and heard reports from, I felt pulled to go and witness the atrocities that were surely being committed.

With the help of some friends, we joined a small group of internationals to ride a large bus there carrying a load of humanitarian supplies, and with the hopes of bringing some of the wounded out prior to the next American onslaught, which was due to kick off at any time now. […]

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