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Two-Day Workshop in Magic: Feb 16 & 17

BANGALORE, FEBRUARY 05 2013: We are super-excited to announce our first workshop – The Smart Course in Magic on February 16 and 17. This much-anticipated workshop will be conducted personally by Nakul Shenoy and is the inaugural event of our new initiative – NSPCW.

Nakul Shenoy, in association with The Magic Space, has designed and developed a focused, intensive two-day course aimed specially at the beginners and hobbyists to enable them to learn and perform magic in an easy way. The Smart Course in Magic teaches over 30 different magic effects, and equips you to entertain at a moment’s notice – be it using cards, coins, ropes, and of course some very special magic props!

The two-day course teaches you all that you need to be able to learn, master and perform magic for people around you – your family, friends, and even complete strangers! Imbibing the classic model of classroom-training, these sessions teach not just the basics and nuances of the art of magic, but also touch upon the much-needed presentational and stagecraft aspects.

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Nakul Shenoy launches his Newsletter

BANGALORE, JUNE 30 2011: The first issue of the Nakul Shenoy newsletter mailed out recently to all those that had subscribed to it. Among other things, it contains snippets of information on Tony Buzan’s Mind Map technique, aspects of Executive Coaching, Nakul’s talk from the Takshashila Shala and a plug to the “SOAP Online” initiative by Gul Panag.

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The newsletter will be sent out as occasional mailers containing various useful information on topics of the human mind, body language and behaviour, persuasion and influence tactics, memory skills, and the like — information that will hold your interest, and contribute in a good way to all that you do — at work and at home, to make your life that much better.

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