Brothers and Sisters of India,

The above photo may indeed look a hoax, but sadly it is from the pages of the MidDay.

And even if you did not think it a hoax, you will wish it were one, when you read the blurb that appears under this photo: Kya Karen, Control Hi Nahin Hota: Union Minister of State for Home Sriprakash Jaiswal relieving himself on the Leh Airport runway, 500 metres from a toilet.

And in case you decide not to read the full story…

[…] We secretly took this picture of Union Minister of State for Home Sriprakash Jaiswal taking a leak on the airport runway.

When our leaders turn airports into public toilets, what hope is there to expect better behaviour from the masses?

Jaiswal was at Leh airport with his boss, Cabinet Minister for Home Shivraj Patil on his Kashmir tour this week when this happened.

Arriving at the airport, the team was about to board the plane on their way back to Delhi when a TV crew stopped Patil to ask a question or two.

Rather than use the airport toilet (which was less than 500 metres away according to our spy) or use the one in the aircraft, Jaiswal just walked off to the side and unzipped. […]

… Let me repeat the two questions that struck the MidDay team:

1) Should not India’s ministerial code of conduct include this?

2) Would Jaiswal have done this had he been in a foreign country? And if the answer is no, why doesn’t he give India’s airports the same respect?

Indeed. I too wish to ask the very same questions.

Is anybody listening?

PS: Thanks to my wife who forwarded this email!


  1. If you ask Mr. Jaiswal about it, I am sure he will say — “The picture is doctored, we will send it to a foreign forensic lab for examination”

    1. I love my India… Sajan mera India… !

      Nahin Chirag.

      You got it all wrong.

      The explanation would be: “Is maamle me to baahari taakatonka haat hai. Yeh Pakistan ki saajish hai!”.



      1. Re: I love my India… Sajan mera India… !

        That sort of settles it, doesn’t it?

        The issue is of the foreign hand!


        1. Re: I love my India… Sajan mera India… !

          Rofl! 🙂

          1. Re: I love my India… Sajan mera India… !

            I bet!

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