Of elections and mosquitoes…

birdonthewire and contentedbloke write about the Government of India’s India Shining campaign.

India is known to be the largest democracy in the world. Why? When you have even 45% of India coming out to vote…. WOW! That makes a huge number of people…!

One more thing that India is renowned the world over is its mosquitoes… The two are almost synonymous.

And Rediff.com‘s India Shining amongst biggest ad campaigns article seems to sum it up when it says:

[…] Analysis by media monitoring agency Tam says the India Shining advertisement is the second most frequently telecast brand on television between December 2003 and January 2004 with the ad being aired 9,472 times.

The top slot went to mosquito repellent brand All Out which had been aired 10,396 times. […]

Gone are the days when India brought to mind the Indian Rope Trick and Elephants… India today seems to mean only two things: Elections and Mosquitoes…