Of Smoke & Mirrors… A magical ezine!

Angelo Stagnaro, the editor of SMOKE & MIRRORS says, “There are approximately 4100 subscribers on my e-list and I would like to double that number this year. The more magicians that subscribe, the more magic events and information can be accessed and shared.”

If you are magician, and NOT subscribed to the Free eZine on Magic which brings your way loads of news, events, tricks, and more, you ARE indeed missing something. As the blurb goes, it is “A teaching e-zine for magicians throughout the world”… subscribed by magicians in over 66 countries!

Take my word for it. Go to Smoke & Mirrors , and subscribe NOW to one of the best ezines in the world of magic today.


PS: Angelo asked that “everyone who reads this e-zine to please forward a copy of it to at least one other magician”. I thought it best to post this blog and reach out to many more!