Of thinking before speaking…

Here is a news report of a recent publicity stunt by a magician in India.

What is surprising to say the least is that this magician “who revels in exposing the tricks of so-called godmen,” attributes his x-ray eyes abilities to the day “when he was struck in the eye by a ball while playing cricket”.

Why? Why do people have to make such comments… and confuse issues further: IF indeed they are ‘fighting’ superstition!

320km On A Motorbike, Blindfolded And At 52

KOLKATA : February 28 2005

Age has not withered the spirit of this 52-year-old former Tata Steel employee, who set off on a gruelling 320-km journey blindfolded on a motorcycle from the metropolis to Jamshedpur today.

Subir Kumar Muzumdar, who calls himself “The Man With Extra Eyes”, seems to have perfected the art of blindfold driving so much so, that he asks onlookers to throw sand and glass splinters as he keeps his eyes shut.

“Now, if I even try to open my eyes, then the sand, salt and glass will enter my eyes and damage them,” says Muzumdar, also a magician who revels in exposing the tricks of so-called godmen.

On a mission to pay tribute to Tata Steel founder Jamshedji Tata, Muzumdar asked people, minutes before setting off, to throw sand, salt and glass splinters as he kept his eyes closed. Cotton padding was put in place over his eyes before he was blindfolded.

“This causes a lot of pain, and I already have a headache which will only get worse in the next few hours. But I think this is a small price to pay for realising my blindfold missions,” says Muzumdar, who resides in Jamshedpur.

On how he negotiated speeding trucks on the highways, Muzumdar says after years of practice he could easily recognise the sound of vehicles ahead.

“But the problem is with the static ones. For this, I have a navigator who escorts me on a two wheeler,” he said. It all started when Muzumdar was about 17 years old when he was struck in the eye by a ball while playing cricket.

“The injury was quite serious. The doctor put a big bandage around both eyes. But I was not one who would sit at home. Defying my parents I would go out to the park and play soccer with my friends with my eyes bandaged.

“This made me confident that I could do things blindfolded which others couldn’t. My injury healed in a few days, but the passion to do things blindfolded remained,” he said. In the course of time he could ride a motorcycle and drive a car blindfolded.

Muzumdar’s joy knew no bounds when he rode from Jamshedpur to Delhi via Mumbai, blindfolded on a two-wheeler in 1984. “I completed the distance in 20 days. And more importantly, I started only three days after getting a licence to ride a two-wheeler,” he says with a chuckle.

There has been no turning back since then as he went on fine tuning his art. On the current trip, sponsored by TATA Steel, Muzumdar said he would only ride through the day. After two night halts, he would reach the steel city on Thursday morning.

But how will he soothe his eyes after keeping them blindfolded for such a long time at a stretch? “I will dip my head in a bucketful of water. And then the navigator will wipe off the remaining sand particles and the glass splinters from my eyes,” he adds before his motorcycle zooms ahead.

Reproduced from IndiaTimes Spirituality

To me this is an issue of throwing an egg up in the air and trying to make it land on the forehead.

The result: You end up with egg on your face.