contentedbloke in What to do, where to go, whom to ask? says that the is just what we’ve been needing all along, and I’m really happy that devotees have come up with an intelligent means to counter the “trial by media” and defamation campaigns of vested parties. I urge every devotee and seeker of truth to visit all sections of this website, so that they may learn and understand the other side of the story.

Sorry… But this would fall right into the laps of propaganda theorists, wouldn’t it? And boy! Would they have a field day?

What is Truth to the one, is but propaganda to another.

Holding nothing against the Kanchi-Sathya per se, I would like to state that simply claiming that a site is “for the truth seekers” and presents the “real truth,” does not necessarily make what is said inside the truth.

This is clear in the words as expressed in the site itself: Kanchi-Sathya will only present what we believe is genuine and authentic information.

It simply remains what it is: The another side of the story. Akin to the story that is presented by the Administration.

As any student of communication will always tell you: There are always two sides to a story. And more.

Truth is, has always been, and always remain to be, in the eye of the beholder. Thus, what each of us perceives to be the truth, WAS/IS/BECOMES the Truth.

There are many a sites that propagate their side of the story, as the Truth. Take the Kashmir issue. We have various entities that present the Truth as the Kashmiris see it. Then many more as the Pakistani’s see it. And of course you have the Indian, and Indian Army viewpoint to the Truth about Kashmir. What is Truth for one, is a blatant Lie for the others. [See an old post…]

Thus, which among the various sides to a story is perceived as the Truth, is entirely based on one’s own context and his/her social relation to what is being represented.

PS: Sorry for being theoretical, but that, to me, was indeed the only practical way of addressing this issue.

Note: Nothing personal here, Bala. Just some theory that I see practical to Life… 🙂

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  1. Let the law take its own course.

    Personally I feel Mr. Jayendra Saraswati should *resign* from the post of Shankracharya and help save whatever is left of Hinduism.

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