On Daisy Cutters and the devastation…

[…] They weigh 15,000 pounds each and, according to the Federation of American Scientist when detonated ‘produces an overpressure of 1000 psi (pounds per square inch) near ground zero, tapering off as distance increases.’

15,000 pounds. That is exactly 6,803 kilogrammes of solid mass.

An average Indian male, I found, weighs approximately 60 kilogrammes. An average WWF wrestler tips the scale at 110 kilogrammes and the all-time great Sumo wrestler Konishiki was two short of 300 kilogrammes when he retired.

A casual web search reveals that the BEST bus that I take every day to office weighs about 6,000 kilogrammes.

I weigh 75 kgs. A daisy cutter is 800 odd kgs heavier than the bus I take every day. Imagine a bus like that being dropped on a mass of men. The sheer weight is bound kill many. The resulting explosion of a cutter, says the FAS, is not expected to leave any trace of life within a radius of one kilometre.

While daisy cutters are the mother of all bombs, the US forces in Iraq also used missiles, laser guided bunker busters and unguided bombs. Much of it in civilian areas, ostensibly, hiding military installations.

Exact figures are not available, but the responsibility for the deaths of at least 100 Iraqis to a more credible 35,000 can be pinned on to the United States and United Kingdom. More precisely at the doors of Mr George W Bush, president of the US, and his chief lackey Mr Tony Blair, prime minister of Britain.

By American military admission itself more than half of the 30,000-strong Republican Guards, which incidentally was 250,000-strong at the beginning of Gulf War I, were wiped out in the Daisy Cutter attacks.

Unofficial and unconfirmed estimates peg the casualty figures at close to 200,000. […]

hmm… The one important fact that leaked through this article (along with all the gruesome details of the devastation caused by Daisy Cutters, including the extermination of the 30,000-strong Iraqi Republican Guards) is that Swami admits being overweight:
“An average Indian male, I found, weighs approximately 60 kilogrammes.” “I weigh 75 kgs.” 😀