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The Nakul Shenoy Experience is a world-class act and acknowledged to be one among the most entertaining, interactive and captivating mind-reading shows in the world. A speaker of choice for Fortune 500 companies, Nakul has won a global following for his high-impact mind-reading performances, and has made powerful impact at coveted events across Asia, the Middle East, Europe, UK and the USA.


Nakul Shenoy with Piyush Goyal, Hon. Minister of State, Govt of India
Nakul Shenoy with Piyush Goyal, Hon. Minister of State, Govt of India, Delhi 2015


Nakul Shenoy is typically hired by top corporates as the mainstay entertainment or as the pre-dinner speaker at their premier events. At other times, he is engaged to present a keynote or an infotaining talk on little-known but highly-useful aspects of persuasion, influence and human behaviour.

A master communicator and a usability research expert, Nakul prides his innate ability to bring variety and uniqueness into each of his engagements. Converging his academic and real-world learnings with a rich industry experience, Nakul tailors each of his presentations into a never-seen-before experience – One that stays forever in the minds and hearts of his audiences.


“He can read your mind, manipulate it and even guess what you are scribbling on a notepad as you chat with him on the phone—and much more.”
Outlook Business

Being highly flexible in nature, each of Nakul Shenoy’s offerings are packaged to your unique corporate needs, and best-equipped to gel perfectly with the mood of the day… be it learning, knowledge sharing, or top-notch entertainment.


The Nakul Shenoy Experience

– An Entertaining and Enthralling Show


Nakul Shenoy at Social Media Week
Nakul Shenoy at Social Media Week, Bangalore 2015


The Nakul Shenoy Experience is an internationally-acclaimed psychic entertainment show that explores the uncanny, presents the unusual, and illustrates the paranormal. In what has to be one of the most entertaining, interactive, and captivating 45-minutes in showbiz, Nakul Shenoy reads minds, projects thoughts, predicts the future, and demonstrates super-human memory with equal ease!

Best of all, a believer in supernatural and psychic phenomena, a skeptic, and a neutral observer are all taken in, and equally fascinated, by the enchanting and enthralling performance of Nakul Shenoy!


Reading Your Customers’ Minds

– An Inspirational and Educating Talk


Nakul Shenoy at Prerna Confluence
Nakul Shenoy at Prerna Confluence, Mangalore 2015


Nakul Shenoy is a sought-after corporate speaker and trainer in topics of human communication and body language, with special focus on persuasion and influence skills. Nakul combines his academic background in communication theory, a decade-plus industry experience in design research and usability studies, and nearly two decades of entertaining audiences worldwide – to tailor the talk that is just perfect for your corporate needs.

Not only is it uniquely inspiring, Reading Your Customers’ Minds is suddenly so much easier!


Reading Minds & Influencing People

– A Training Programme or Workshop


Nakul Shenoy conducting a workshop for senior faculty at Manipal University
Nakul Shenoy with senior faculty of Manipal University, Manipal 2014


– Have you ever faced the need to build instant rapport?
– Have you ever wanted to be able to influence another’s thoughts?
– Have you ever wished you were able to read a person’s mind?
All this is now possible!

Nakul Shenoy imparts hands-on training in the skills of Reading Minds and Influencing People using tried and tested methods drawn from theories of communication and psychology, influence and persuasion tactics, human behaviour and body language, NLP and self-hypnosis!

All these aspects combine together in a workshop mode to enable you to learn and put into practice the secrets of human communication and influence.


“After a minute of intense concentration, he describes the person I am thinking about: ‘Tall, impulsive, unique name.’ After a short pause he even tells me the name…”
MINT & The Wall Street Journal