OutFoxed – Who’s the fox & who’s the jackal?

Continuing my conversation with hilltop, where I said:
“Last week I received my copy of the film “OutFoxed – Rupert Murdoch’s War on Journalism” from Amazon.com.

It exposes many of the ‘hidden’ traits (?) of Fox News as a channel, and how they are furthering the Republican (and Hawkish) cause. Pretty nicely executed film. But really do not know if it will impact the elections in any way… or become one of those “good-films-to-watch” (and sadly forget) akin to Manufacturing Consent, Bowling to Columbine, et al.”

To add:
What is even more interesting is the ‘discussion’ between Krugman and O’Reilly on CNBC. A video clip can be accessed here….

A video clip exposing O’Reilly’s lies has also been posted at OutFoxed.org, and can be seen here.

Looking forward to comments 😉