Here’s the second part of the interview :

Magic is about the effect, not about the trick
In the second part of his interview, Peter Lamont delves into how magicians use psychology as an important tool in their performances and what constitutes magic. Magic is not about getting something up your sleeve. It is, he says, about getting something up your sleeve without anybody noticing. Read on…

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Hope you enjoy this!


  1. Very nice…Enjoyed reading that. Do you have your shows happening in Blr sometime in the near future?

    1. Thanks. Glad you liked it.

      I do not have any public shows happening in the near future. But if there is one, I will surely buzz you on that.

      I do occasionally perform at Sammy’s Dreamland.

      Occasionally: when none of my other regulat performers are availabel to perform the shows on Saturday/Sunday there 😉

      Otherwise, am only into corporate shows nowadays…


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