[…] But here it was, at last: Saddam’s surrender in ignominy. However, this delightful moment – enjoyed by all the Iraqis I spoke to as the news of his capture was breaking – was soured by the fact that it was Iraq’s newly appointed tyrant, Paul Bremer, doing the boasting: “Ladies and gentlemen… we got him!”

What will the Americans do with their captive? Is Saddam going to face a trial? Will the truth of his mass murders and crimes come out? Will the trial shed light on how the US backed him and supplied him with chemical weapons? Will it reveal how the US encouraged him to launch the war on Iran, causing the death of a million Iranians and Iraqis? Will the trial go into the alliances with and support for Saddam by so many of members and parties now in the US-appointed Iraqi Governing Council? The dark clouds over Iraq haven’t lifted yet.

Thousands of Iraqi civilians have been killed by the US-led unjust and immoral war, and the death toll continues to rise as innocent people are being killed in US military raids, bombardments and Sharon-style collective punishment, and harmed by the depleted uranium shells used by the US-led forces. So at this moment of joy, other questions keep intruding: Who is going to try Bremer, Bush, Rumsfeld and Blair? Will Iraq ever be free? […]

Most of us are having thoughts akin to the above…

For full article, read Sami Ramadani‘s write-up in the Guardian titled, Resistance to occupation will grow …

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  1. Yeah, I’m glad that they caught Saddam, but do I like that my country has dirty hands in this? No, not at all. The above is about how I feel, in short, about this war.

    This is where our selfish imperialism will get us. It’s mostly for power of resources, and while my fellow Americans celebrate this victory, there is little justice and little to no overall grand plan for any of this.

    I will never apologize for what my country has done. We’ll get ours, sooner or later. Too bad so many others will have to pay for the selfishness and misgivings of the few in this nation.

    Good day to you, though.

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