I had the good fortune to perform for the CIOs gathered at CIOL C-Change 2005 on January 28, 2005 at the Golden Palms Resort in Bangalore.

This is what CIOL had to say about the show:

[…] When the sessions ended, it was time for cocktails and entertainment. The mood was set for an Oriental evening complete with talks on feng shui, some astounding demonstrations of mind reading by Nakul Shenoy, spectacular Kalaripayattu dances, a tarot cum parrot astrologer and dancing. Spirits were high and if one thought CIOs were a serious lot, the myth was broken on January 28th at the Golden Spa Resort. […]

The esteemed CIOs that graced my stage as volunteers for the various acts included Mr Venkat Iyer of TVS Motor Company Ltd., Mr Arun O Gupta of Pfizer, Mr Behag Lalaji of Gujarat Ambuja Cements, Mr Shirish Gariba of Elbee Express Limited, Mr Sanjay Gupta of Kotak Mahindra, and Mr Thiagaraja Manikandan of Agro Tech Food Ltd.

Mr Venkat Iyer has to be the MOST enthusiastic volunteer I have ever got on stage… He came up for three different acts, and I guess a couple of times for the MC’s games too!

It was indeed a pleasure to interact with Mr Sunil Kapoor, Head IT, Fortis Healthcare Ltd., and share thoughts about my performance.

Thank you CIOL for giving me an opportunity to entertain your esteemed guests.

Thanks also to the CIOs who made my show a grand success. I am already looking forward to the next opportunity where I can do more mind reading and psychic entertainment for you…


PS: A flickr slideshow of my show is available at www.snipurl.com/magic_show.


  1. Kewl…NExt time in woody’s, I should watch out for you 🙂

    1. Sure thing, Arun. The Woody’s meet is long overdue… 😉


  2. Good for you, Nakul!

    1. Thanks Bala.

  3. Weeee! Fun!

    1. It sure was… Thanks


  4. Happy Birthday, Nakul! I hope you had a fantastic birthday 🙂

    1. Sure did Ravi. The show on 28th night set the perfect mood 😉

  5. Nakul Shenoy…ever the celebrity. Good show ol’ friend.

    1. Hey Shilpix!

      Why “ole”. Thought I was “currently” one too!


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