What does the word ‘magic’ mean to you? Does it connote tricks, or does it communicate powers over nature?

Think back to your first experience of magic? Do you remember being fooled, cheated, or taken for a ride? Or does that thought hold ingrdients of a paranormal activity?

Why did you want to be a magician? To learn for yourself those mysterious powers with which you could appear or vanish any object you desired? Was it to master the powers required to be able to levitate or fly? Did you want to be able to do all that Mandrake The Magician is able to?

How is it that you are now content with being called a trickster, a jester, or at best a sleight of hand artiste? How is it that you are telling–all that will lend an ear–that all you do are tricks? Nothing more.

Don’t you want your audience to experience the power of magic? Rather than present them with puzzles to solve.

You have the power in you to do magic. To create Real Magic. Use the power (of presentation) and be a real magician in the eyes of your audience.

For starters, Believe in Magic. That will make all the difference.