Photos & Videos


Nakul Shenoy is the only corporate entertainer in India to have presented SEVEN TEDx Talks (and counting):




The Nakul Shenoy Showreel

A five-minute promotional showreel for Nakul Shenoy’s Beyond Magic can be viewed at  The Nakul Shenoy Channel on YouTube.


Entertaining the Godkhindi maestroes 

A visit to the home of renowned flautist Pravin Godkhindi turned magical, when Nakul Shenoy began displaying his mind-reading skills. Nakul is also seen reading the mind of Pravin’s younger brother and tabla maestro Kiran Godkhindi.


Rocking with Karma6

Here are a set of three unedited home videos of Nakul Shenoy having a fun time with his friends at Karma6. The men who rock the world with their music are clearly zapped by Nakul’s mind-reading prowess.


A Mindreader’s Day Out

This is a eight-minute performance video of Nakul Shenoy visiting a local book store in Bangalore and later an eminent theatre personality. In this unedited amateur home video, Nakul is seen mystifying and entertaining the people he meets with his mind reading acts.