BANGALORE, Dec 10: Renowned magician Prahlad Acharya of Udupi performed a jailbreak escape at the Bangalore Central Prison on Monday. Prahlad is the first and only magician in India to have performed an escape stunt at a Central Prison.

As part of the special magic show organised for the jail inmates at the Bangalore Central Prison on the occasion of World Human Rights Day, Prahlad shocked each and all when he escaped from one of the prison cells in just ten seconds.

Performing his special escape act titled “the convict’s dream,” Prahlad was handcuffed and chained by the Senior Superintendent Central Prison P N Jayasimha. The Indian Houdini was then locked up by Assistant Superintendent Jawaregowda in one of the prison cells in this maximum-security prison, under the watchful eyes of hundreds of policemen and prison inmates.

Much to the jubilation of the inmates, Prahlad appeared from among the spectators, enjoying the magic show, in barely ten seconds – free from all handcuffs and chains! There was laughter all round when a policeman was found locked inside the cell in place of Prahlad.

Senior Superintendent P N Jayasimha said that the show was both entertaining and unbelievable. Prahlad last hit headlines when he vanished the 1.5 crore worth Golden Chariot of Sri Krishna Mutt at Udupi in August.

Hailed as the Indian Houdini by the media, Prahlad’s list of escape stunts includes the Underwater Houdini Escape, Agnivyooha Chhedana (Escape from the Castle of Fire), Chinese Torture Cell, and many more.

Prahlad became the first magician in India to perform a jailbreak escape at the Bellary Central Jail in October 1999. Prahlad is also the only magician ever to have performed the Houdini Escape at the Jog Falls, when he escaped the drop from the world’s tallest waterfall in May 2000.

Prahlad Acharya said that he is planning a mega magic show at Bangalore in the month of February 2002.


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  1. What a great trick! Do you think he could help me escape from California?

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