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  • 2014: Indian Express features Nakul Shenoy in EdEx supplement
    2014: Indian Express features Nakul Shenoy in EdEx supplement

Here are some select quotes from the media about Nakul Shenoy:

“Nakul Shenoy is a mind reader”

Nakul Shenoy in India Today
India Today features Nakul Shenoy: In Search of Mandrake

“Think of a shape, and Nakul Shenoy will draw it on paper for you”
– India Today

“Bend it like Nakul Shenoy”
– Deccan Herald

“Bangalore’s own Uri Geller”
– Bangalore Mirror

“…a fast-paced, highly interactive top-notch corporate entertainment show that explores the unusual and illustrates the paranormal…”
– Deccan Herald

Meet the Mind Bender
– Bangalore Mirror

“Bangalore’s Mandrake”
– MINT & The Wall Street Journal

Nakul Shenoy in Outlook
Outlook Business features Nakul Shenoy: Mentalist

“A magician with impossibly fast hypnotic skills, he captures young hearts as they wonder how on earth he does what he does. He creates magic.”
– The New Indian Express

“The mind-reading session by Nakul Shenoy took the audience’s breath away…”
– The Times of India

“He can read your mind, manipulate it and even guess what you are scribbling on a notepad as you chat with him on the phone—and much more.”
– Outlook Business

“After a minute of intense concentration, he describes the person I am thinking about: “Tall, impulsive, unique name.” After a short pause he even tells me the name…”
– MINT & The Wall Street Journal

“He knows what you’re thinking”
– The Hindu

“The Amazing Nakul Shenoy”
MSN India

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