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For Creative Minds

Nakul Shenoy Products - The Thinking Kit
Nakul Shenoy’s The Thinking Kit: Learn to think differently… by knowing how you think!

The Thinking Kit
– Learn to Think differently… by knowing how you think!

Would you like to…

  • Understand how your mind works?
  • Learn to think differently?
  • Be able to think out-of-the-box?

The Thinking Kit is your answer! … read more …


Nakul Shenoy Official Merchandise

Nakul Shenoy Official Merchandise
Nakul Shenoy Official Merchandise


Ceramic Mugs
Available as single mug pack or as a set of two mugs.

Sports Water Sipper
A handy way to carry and sip water!
Very few in stock!

… read more …


For Magicians & Students of Magic

The Essential Card Magic Kit
 For Professional & Amateur Close-up Entertainers

The Essential Card Magic Kit is a special collection of playing cards for the magician, which can be used to put together and present a myriad of card tricks. This is the perfect companion to “The Royal Road To Card Magic,” “The Encyclopedia of Card Tricks,” and other highly-rated card magic books as it provides you all the tools – professionally crafted at that – to perform just about any card magic trick! … read more …


For Mystery Entertainers Only

If you are a mystery entertainer looking for Nakul Shenoy’s exclusive products, click here.
Please Note: Access to this section is restricted to accredited performers.