R I P Jamie Gilbert. You shall not be forgotten

Checking my IBM Ring 2100 mails after a long time, I was in for a rude shock when I came across the shocking news of Jamie Gilbert‘s passing over on January 01, 2006. Please allow me to indulge in a few words of condolence, to express my feelings towards this friend across the seas.

Jamie G was somebody I had exchanged some emails with, both on the Ring2100 and outside of it. Recently I had been accustomed to chatting with him on Yahoo! Messenger too.

There were agreements and disagreements, discussions and debates. But one thing that always came across was Jamie’s feeling of sharing… Jamie wanted to share his thoughts, ideas, and generally was a person who was very caring.

During the last conversation I had with him, Jamie was telling me that he has a set of magical items created by him, that he wanted to send across to me… all the way to India. This from a man who had more than his share of troubles, and did not know me enough to warrant this offer.

If Jamie can read what’s said in cyberspace, I would like to say:

Jamie, it was a pleasure interacting with you.
It was a nice feeling, to count you as a friend.
You will remain a friend for ever.

And to the rest, I make a solemn plea to join me in the prayer:
May his soul rest in peace.