Resolving for the New Year…

Over the last decade, I have always had a recurring thought: Why is it that we do not see much online activity by Indian magicians?

The immediate answer that offers itself is that Indian magicians are not Net savvy. But then, I know this is wrong, for most of the magicians I have come across are well educated, and quite tech-savvy. So the Internet would not be something that is not accessible to them.

The fact that most of us have an email id, and some a website, also points to a different answer; One not that obvious.

Over the years, many magicians have tried their hand at publishing a periodical – mostly in print, some being virtual. They have met the same fate: a generic lack of editorial support from the community.

We all seem to like to read, want to know what’s happening in everybody’s lives, learn new tricks, and presentations. None of us seems to want to contribute to the cause. And many a magazine and e-zine have vanished into dust due to this very reason.

Is this because most of us have learnt magic from each other or from magic dealers? Is the lack of a defined book-culture hitting back at us by contributing to a lack of literature?

Give it a thought. And resolve to change the world of Indian magic, this New Year!