Scary thought… to say the least

In Fundamentally, Bush Works on Faith, published in the Los Angeles Times, Peter Schweizer and Rochelle Schweizer (the authors of The Bushes: Portrait of a Dynasty) write:

Ask Bush family members and friends about the intersection between the war on terrorism and George W. Bush’s Christian faith and you get some strong answers.

“George sees this as a religious war,” one family member told us. “He doesn’t have a PC view of this war. His view is that they are trying to kill the Christians. And we the Christians will strike back with more force and more ferocity than they will ever know.”

Family friend Franklin Graham told us: “The president is not stupid. The people who attacked this country did it in the name of their religion. He’s made it clear that we are not at war with Islam. But he understands the implications of what is going on and the spiritual dimensions.”

Critics charge that the president is blindly engaged in a crusade, propelled by a belief in Armageddon that will end in a geopolitical disaster. One has compared his faith to the fundamentalists of Islam. Another calls it downright “frightening.” Do we have something to fear from Bush’s obviously strongly held convictions? […]

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