‘US plans to bomb Iran nuke sites’

London, PTI : The United States is drawing up plans for bombing raids backed by submarine-launched ballistic missile attacks against Iran’s nuclear sites as a “last resort” to block Teheran from developing nuclear weapons, a media report said on Sunday. […]

The most likely strategy would involve aerial bombardment by long-distance B2 bombers, each armed with up to 40,000lb of precision weapons, including the latest bunker-busting devices. […]

Many have said this many a time… And I repeat the zillion Dollar questions:
* What gives the government of USA the right to dictate terms to the rest of the world?
* Does the office of the President of USA enjoy jurisdictory rights over the rest of the world?
* Are the other countries answerable to the diktats of the US government?

Such an action is to be expected, if expected at all, from world regulatory (?) organisations like the UNO, who have the “power” to advise their member countries what to do and what not to do. But the fact that the USA is able to hold the UN to ransom is basically resulting in making a mockery of an otherwise well-meaning organisation.

The end result: the UN has lost the face, the teeth, and the ground to make any policy decisions… or ever hope to regain its status as a world governing body… if it was ever meant to be one.

Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq … And now Iran. Who next?

What if India had NOT said a timid “okay” to the recent demands of the US government?
What if India had NOT kneeled under the pressure to separate out its military and civilian nuclear sites?
What if India had NOT provided the list of nuclear sitesin the guise of getting technological know-how and support from the US?

Would India have been threatened too?

For that matter, is it so dificult to imagine the day when a US government would indeed issue an official warning to India?

Who do we expect to stand by us?

Or do we really believe that the myriad operations of the US MNCs in India is an indestructable vajhra-kavach (diamond shield); the most effective deterrent against a US attack?

Only time holds the answer.

In the meantime, I hope the US government is heeding to the REAL needs of its citizens.



  1. India is too big … a country to be bossed around by US or anyone else.

    Plus India is a democracy … that is one word USA loves … DEMOCRACY!

    Look at the countries US has bombed in distance and recent past … none was a democracy … going by that next on the list should be Pakistan … and not India …

    1. Hi Chirag,

      Look at the countries US has bombed in distance and recent past … none was a democracy …

      Actually, history shows that not to be correct… Although the popular media (and the US government) would like you to believe so.

      And what about Iraq? Did the Iraqis not exercise their franchise (in whatever *flawed* way it may be said to be)? What about Afghanistan? How is it that we forget who trained the taliban to bring down the existing government?

      Noam Chomsky’s Deterring Democracies is a good book that presents some of not-so-well-known hidden facts and agendas. Also available from Amazon

      I am NOT saying that the USA will attack India. I AM however asking who do we expect support from say they should decide to take up on us? There’s no USSR anymore to lend a shoulder… if it was going to.


      1. Now that you have mentioned Noam’s name; I have read a bit of Noam’s work. I like to read him because he gives a different perspective. Way the US govt. wants us to believe one thing, Noam wants us to believe another. Best part about Noam is that it is very easy to become his fan after reading him, he appeals to everyone who is not “head in heels” love with the USA. But to get a perspective from other side I would recommend “Why We Fight” by Bill Bennett.

        Coming to the governence type in the countries US attacked:
        * Iraq – Saddam/Dictator
        * Afghanistan – Taliban/Warlords/Places_with_no_govt/Pakistan!
        * Iraq – Saddam/Dictator
        * Vietnam – Communist
        * Nicaragua – Somoza family/Dictator (for most of 20th century)/communism
        * Germany – Hitler/Dictator
        * El Salvador – Communism

        Now these are hard facts, nothing much that Noam can do about it.

        I would be surprised if they attack Iran because it is an Islamic Republic which held elections recently to elect a hardliner President.

        Having said that, I am not a big supporter of USA bashing up tiny states (if you have a look at the list most countries that USA has bullied are not larger than UP and MP combined. Some are even as small as Karnataka, with a population less than that of Bangalore)

        USA has till not never fought with a country as big as India, both economically as well as geogrophically.

        1. Agreed Chirag. The US has attacked coutries ostensibly ruled by dictators or autocrats or despots or communists.

          But the intention has seldom been democracy. It has been purely related to corporate benefits and of course the Black Gold.

          When I asked the questions about a fictional US attack on India, it was more to bring out the hypocracy in question. We know of so many autocratarian and doctatorial regines all over the world that the US is best friends with. They don’t have a problem with that, for they do not want to see a problem there.

          Truly, no problem can exist, when you so don’t want to see it!

          Iran held elections, you say. Didn’t Iraq hold then too? Did we not read about/see the elections held by Saddam? But those were stated to be not free and fair. So how different is the one in Iran going to be?

          As you rightly said, Noam offers one perspective, Bill another, Tariq a third. But what matters is what Bush-Cheney think & do. Not anybody else.

          It is indeed a matter of perspective. But only of those that matter.


  2. India is too big for US to bomb without a good reason. What they would do is try underhand tactics. I believe they are already doing that with India.

    1. I agree, Ashwin. The arm twisting tactics are quite evident, especially in the area of NPT.


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