Selling the Iraq war… through PR !

In Selling the Iraq War, in Media Guardian, Mark Borkowski writes:
[…] In January 2003, I wrote an article about how the US administration set about persuading the American people to back the first Gulf war. I don’t think it was published, possibly for legal reasons, although it did no more than recount facts already in the public domain. Type “Nayirah Hill and Knowlton” into Google and the top link is to an article entitled “How PR sold the war in the Persian Gulf”, produced by

To be brief, the article exposes how PRs completely fabricated a shocking story of how Iraqi soldiers had thrown babies out of incubators in Kuwait, in order to harden public and political opinion in support of a declaration of war. It also exposes how much the PRs earned from this stunt.

Twelve years on, the story is no different. While making the documentary, I spoke with seasoned war reporters including John Simpson and Anton Antonowicz, and Ali al-Bayati (head of the Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq). John had been embedded during the war and what was both striking and appalling was his relative ignorance (through no fault of his own) of the publicists’ sophisticated manipulation of his reports, and how he was an unwitting participant in that strategic process of misrepresentation. […]

Here’s an excerpt of the original article he is referring to, titled How PR Sold the War in the Persian Gulf. This has been published in the book Toxic Sludge Is Good For You.