It has indeed been an eventful year… what with an all-out war on Iraq — coming close on the heels of a devastating military campaign in Afghanistan; the neverending ceazefire, suicide bombing and occupation in West Asia; the intensifying crisis in Kashmir, and the recent “taxi-bombs” killing 50+ and injuring about 150 in Mumbai.

All in all, international terrorism seems to be on the rise, notwithstanding the US-led war on Terrorism. All and any effort to curb this global menace, seems only to prompt more terrorist acts.

India has been facing more than its share of terrorist strikes (if there was ever a right share of terrorism!). We had “fidayeen” attacks both on numerous army and military camps, and on innocent civilian targets. Whether it was the what-is-now-regular attacks in Jammu & Kashmir (which has been facing the brunt of terrorism since the first war with Indo-Pak war in 1948), or the recent string of terrorist bombing at Mumbai – the Cultural Capital of India.

Who is behind this? Well, the political leadership is quick to point its finger across the border… at Pakistan. Try to dismiss this as propaganda… but any and all evidence unearthed by the investigating authorities seems to be pointing to the Lashkar-e-toiba, and other mujahideen outfits.

These terrorist organisations operate mainly from across the border in Pakistan. Of course, Pakistan calls them freedom fighters, although whose freedom they are fighting for is anybody’s question!

How is it that Mr George W Bush Jr and his administration never seems to look at these actions as terrorism on humanity? Do acts attacks on America and the people of America, amount to an act of terrorism? Does it take an attack on the psyche of America (like the highly-deplorable attack on the WTC) to get a reaction?

A bomb falls on a US-owned target, and the world is “tore-apart” to search for the mastermind terrorist. Three major terrorist strikes impair the Indian public, and all we get is a “Our-feelings-are-with-you” call from the US Secretary of State.

Is it that the US still considers only America & Americans as the world and humanity? When will we start to learn from our mistakes?