Shirley Ghostman… Of being a ‘psychic’

BBC Three is hosting a comedy programme called High Spirits with Shirley Ghostman starring Marc Wootton.

[…] Shirley Ghostman is in contact with the famous and infamous of the spirit world. He just can’t help himself. Like that kid in The Sixth Sense, Shirley sees dead people. But not only does he see them, he hears them and, most importantly, acts as a mouthpiece for them here on Earth. The dead – and the dead famous – are not only Shirley’s friends, but often his fans too.

Of course, there may be more to what he does than meets the eye… Some people believe in Shirley – a lot – others see him for what he realy is: award winning comedian Marc Wootton. […]

wendyg writes about the experience of meeting “A psychic named Shirley“…

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