iBirbal was a good site.
iBirbal is no more.
… Good sites are no more ???

Akbar & Birbal rest in peace.
iBirbal, RIP.

There are none to ask questions…
There are none to answer questions…
There is no place to ask questions and obtain answers…
… There is plenty of place, if you do not have questions and answers!


  1. hey magic,

    no individual excellence awards for writing here ­čśë

  2. Indian music


    My name is Jules.

    I’m 31, a mom, a buddhist in NYC.

    I LOVE Indian music.

    wanna make each other a mix of our fave tunes? We can do this on cassette.

    Let me know.


    1. Re: Indian music

      Hi Jules…

      I am Nakul, and I live in India.

      How do you propose to do this mix of fav tunes?

      Let me know ­čśë

      1. Re: Indian music

        Namaste Nakul-

        we could tape our favorite songs onto an audio cassette tape and send it to each other through the mail.

        Sound good?


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