Stepping stones for modern Indian Magic…

Pardon the patting of my own back! But I sincerely think that October 12 2008 paved the basic path for modern Indian Magic to come of age.

Allow the indulgence. Making Magic Money was a unique seminar held at The Magic Space and conducted ably by Cartik the Conjurer,Maxwell Murphy (owner of Penguin Magic), Prahlad Acharya, Ganesh Shenoy, Kampa Gopinath, among others.

What made it unique was that this was a full-day magic seminar which did NOT discuss a single magic trick or effect. It was devoted entirely to the nuances of “marketing your magic and you”.

I had my doubts if this kind of a topic would actually interest our brethren as we magicians here are only concerned with one thing – magic tricks… the perennial need for more and more!

But the enthusiasm was impressive. We had 13 registrations, and many more interested enquiries. While only a lucky seven participants turned up, I remain far from disappointed.

As Prakash Savkoor stated at the end of the day, this was the coming of age of Indian modern magic: For the first time in India, magicians had paid upwards of Rs 1000 to attend a magic seminar that did NOT discuss magic tricks. The first time magicians had come together with a real dedication to learn, improve, and grow as entertainment professionals.

PS: This article is appeared in the November 2008 issue of the VMN.