Thank you David. You were simply Magical!

It has been quite a long time since I did justice to my blog… As a matter of fact such a long time since I write anything. Trust me when I say, there’s a lot that happened in this period of time, and many a blogs will be written on that.

And what better way to return to the world of LJ, than typing in my most magical experience till date.

Here’s a transcript of a chat with a magician friend:

Friend: hi hr u
Me: excited… elated
Friend: ?
Me: I am watching David Copperfield today :D/
Friend: ?
Friend: cd
Friend: which one
Me: no way! live. in person. why else would I be so excited
Me: the one and only David Copperfield. Live in person. on stage
Me: :D/
Friend: which site
Friend: web r tv ????????
Me: abe saale
Me: don’t you understand…?
Me: I am watching him live, on stage, in person… sitting in the third row of the auditorium and watching his show!
Friend: ???

Yes, That’s how unbelieveable it would sound to me too if somebody had told me a month back that I would be watching David Copperfield live in action. So I really can’t blame my friend.

And if you think this was a one off, here’s another magician friend’s reaction (edited for space and better comprehension) to my Yahoo! Messenger status message that read “It was simply MAGICAL! David IS the best…”:

Friend2: i just read ur status message… which david are u talking about???
Friend2: david berglas??? copperfield???
Me: Copperfield
Friend2: and reasons for stating that..
Me: I had the good fortune to watch David Copperfield yesterday
Friend2: in person or video??

Like I said, it does come across as simply unbelievable that me, a magician from India could even watch David’s show… Let alone meet him. And there in lies an untold sadness…
But dreams do come true.

And it was such a dream that came true this 10th of October 2005, when I got the good fortune to watch David Copperfield in person, and that too sitting in the third row!! All this thanks to a friend (Thanks Toby!) who managed to get me the tickets in time.

The experience of watching David was, for want of more apt words, truly magical. Sitting there I was equally dumbstruck and magnanimously entertained when a (I may be wrong about the exact model) 1965 Lincoln Continental Convertible appeared atop four pillars set on stage, with spectators standing right under it!

I was there clapping furiously when the auditorium stood up in a standing ovation when David magically transported an audience member to the sea coast of Jamaica in a jiffy. And of course I was there clapping feverishly when David vanished about a dozen spectators from the stage, and reappeared them back among the audience.

Not to forget mention, this was the first and only show of my life where the audience presented a standing ovation to a performer not once, but on two back-to-back occasions… And if David had come back on stage after the final bow, one more time, I would have fallen to the floor exhausted from all that clapping.

All in all, like I said, it was a MAGICAL EXPERIENCE.

I now look forward to the day when I meet and chat up with David Copperfield. Yeah, you may say, I am dreaming. I say, I have every right to!