The Cure To All Ills Is In Wearing A Bangle

The cure to all ills is in wearing a bangle! At least that is what industrialist and Member of Parliament Naveen Jindal appears to be suggesting.

At an event held earlier this week, Jindal via his Flag Foundation launched “Tiranga” – a bangle that will do more than just foster patriotism among its wearers. If claims are to be believed, this “Tri-Vortex Technology” treated metal band will cure many ailments from acidity to arthritis, purify water, and also protect people from harmful cellphone radiation.

The Tiranga bangle was launched by Shashi Tharoor, the Minister of State for HRD in the presence of Jindal and Anton Ungerer – the South African who “developed this technology”. Jindal plans to sell the Tiranga bangle and other Tri-Vortex treated products across the country, and expects them to prove particularly beneficial for athletes and the elderly.

The only issue is that CAMcheck, a South African consumers’ guide dismisses the claims made by the Tri-Vortex Technology as “pseudoscience baloney, quackery, and scam”. In a second article CAMcheck explains that a consumer complaint regarding the Tri-Vortex product advertisement was upheld by the South African ASA Directorate as being unsubstantiated and in contravention of the local laws.

Despite ample evidence to suggest that the so-called “Tri-Vortex” technology is pseudoscience, Mr Jindal remains unfazed and insists he has personally benefitted from it. Thus, he sees no harm in making this “technology” available to others, in spite of numerous articles online questioning the veracity of its tall claims – especially with regard to its healing properties.

In a country plagued by superstition, “black magic,” quack cures and magic remedies, the last thing we need is that our MPs peddle or support by association snake oil to the gullible. The least our MPs could do is put this product and its claims to a rigorous scientific test with respect to its medical claims.

If the technology is found to be real and beneficial, we should indeed harness its amazing life-changing properties for the benefit of one and all. On the other hand, when it proves to be a pseudoscience fraud, we would prevent thousands of our countrymen from falling prey to yet another scam.

This article originally appeared in on January 31, 2013 as “Tharoor Promotes Jindal’s Bangling”