Had a pretty hectic weekend, so could not do much justice to the Films on Flims Film Festival held by Collective Chaos, Bangalore.

I could attend only four of the ten screenings, as I had a show to perform on Saturday, and also some other things to wrap up on Sunday. The four films I managed to catch up with were:
* Camera Buff – Krzystof Kieslowski
* Man Bites Dog – Belvaux / Bonzel / Poelvoords
* Close-up – Abbas Kiarostami
* 10 on Ten – Abbas Kiarostami

It was generally a lot of fun, watching some docu-films after a long long time. If my memory serves me right the only film I saw between the NEW film festival held by Collective Chaos (way back in february 2004) and this one was the lone screening of ‘Noam Chomsky and Manufacturing Consent’ some months back.

In that sense watching anything would have been fun, I guess. Everytime I attend these screenings I wonder if having some general discussions at the end of the screenings will add to the learning… Then again, for many I guess it will only add to the psuedo-intellectual gabber.


PS: The film ‘Sentenced to Die,’ directed by Elinore Burke and Tsering Ngodup, will be screened today at 6:45pm at the Center for Films and Drama (5th Floor, Sona Towers, 71 Millers Road, Bangalore). Before the screening, Tenzin Tsuendue, the General Secretary of Friends of Tibet (India), will recite some of his latest poems on Tibet and share his experiences as an activist in the Tibetan freedom movement. Am not too sure if I will be able to attend this one…


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