The legend of the Indian Rope Trick: An interview with Peter Lamont

Now that I have a dedicated blog to write about magical, and the not so magical, topics, I thought I will post links to my in-depth interview (in August 2004) with Dr Peter Lamont, with special reference to his new book ‘The Rise of the Indian Rope Trick’… This interview appears in three parts at

‘Every culture believes in some sort of magic’
‘With the notion of the mystic East, the people in the West may find an inexplicable mystery in India somehow more impressive, more mysterious, more mystical,’ says magic researcher Peter Lamont. Read on…

Part II: ‘Magic is about the effect, not how it’s done’
In the second part of his interview, Peter Lamont delves into how magicians use psychology as an important tool in their performances and what constitutes magic. Magic is not about getting something up your sleeve. It is, he says, about getting something up your sleeve without anybody noticing. Read on…

Part III: ‘Magic brings you closer to reality’
In this concluding part Peter Lamont expresses his unabashed admiration for Indian magic, though he is certain that the Indian Rope Trick never existed! Read on…

Hope some of us find this an interesting read.